Silvia Agnelotti

I was fortunate to meet with Tom and Naomi over a year ago to learn more about the RPX Method and it has been one of the best concepts I have come across in my professional career.

As an exercise physiologist, I focus on functional movement with my clients – whether it be returning an injured worker back to full duties, getting my clients back to their activities of daily living or rehabilitation to performance for athletes. The RPX Method training was a perfect complement to my approach to training clients in all these situations.

The RPX Method trains instructors on how to assess and correct faulty movement patterns, to educate the client on how to create efficient movement and execute it, mimicking the way our bodies work every day.

Tom and Naomi’s approach to training is so simple, yet effective – Train the body in a safe and controlled environment with challenging movement tasks to prepare the body for activities of daily living (or the unknown!).

I now incorporate these concepts with every client who walks into our rehabilitation gym and am reaping the rewards – clients seeing and feeling a difference! I would highly recommend Exercise Physiologists and other fitness professionals learn the RPX Method.

It is a fantastic course to do for continuing education. Tom and Naomi have continued to support me throughout the last year with additional training – I have found wonderful coaches and mentors.

Silvia Agnelotti, Southside Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Centre