Dr David Moddel

I have been a medical practitioner for nearly forty years. I started training with Naomi Pendergast and Tom Roman over ten years ago, following knee surgery,initially doing Pilates and then progressing to Functional Movement Training.

Over that time I have had the opportunity to observe first-hand the beneficial effects of Functional Movement Training, based on the “Four Pillars “ of axial elongation, core strengthening, shoulder mobilization  and hip mobilisation.

The RPX method which Tom Roman and his team teach is an individualized, sequential,  carefully supervised training method which develops balance and then progresses to develop mobility and strength, in a positive and encouraging environment.

Training with Tom and his team has been very beneficial for me personally in terms of improved strength, mobility and general well-being. I have also referred several of my patients for training, not only those with muscular problems or injuries but also patients who wish to improve their strength and flexibility.

Dr David Moddel, MD