Deep Gluteal Pain Syndrome: Differentiating the Butt

About the Course:

Differentiating the source of buttock pain can often be challenging. Many structures can both refer to the region as well be the source of local pathology in this highly nociceptive area. In this Live Patient Presentation, we clinically assess, test & manage a patient presenting with deep gluteal pain. We differentiate her pain from other potential sources such as intra-articular hip, SI joint dysfunction and gluteal tendinopathy. Finally, we propose a management plan which includes prescriptive advice and patient-specific rehabilitation.

This course has both a theory and a practical section.

About the Presenter:

Tanya is a Manual Therapist (OMT), international lecturer & developer of the Functional Exercises for Patients interactive applications.
She is a founder of Bell Rogers & Harris Physiotherapists and a Director of ‘Off Nicol Health Wellness & Rehab’ in Johannesburg, South Africa. Her earlier experiences revolved around her position as Physiotherapist for the SA Ladies Hockey Team & the South African Cricket Academy. She was team physio at Commonwealth Games as well as the Sydney Olympics. She is an Honorary Lecturer at Wits University & has lectured at various Orthopaedic congresses and presented numerous workshops pertaining to Physiotherapy for movement dysfunction both locally, in the USA, Middle East, India, Holland & the UK. Her interests are in Biomechanics and Kinematics for an integrated approach to injury treatment and prevention. All individuals should have the benefit of functioning optimally & pain-free, regardless of whether they are athletic or not. Tanya’s courses have an Advanced Professional Development Level 2 (APDL 2) rating.

Presenter:Dr. Tanya Bell-Jenje
Modules:Theory and Practical
Cost:R300 per Module