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Ethics in Cycling – “Blurred Lines”

Ethics in Cycling – “Blurred Lines” Dr Jarrad van Zuydam on Ethics in Cycling “ Blurred Lines”.

This Ethics presentation covers Ethics in cycling with specific reference to the development of drug abuse in the sport as well as methods to identify the presence of banned substances & regulations to keep the sport clean. It is a fine (or ‘Blurred Line’) that cycling teams ride within drug regulations & the ethics of […]

Sensory-Motor Assessment of the Cervical spine

Sensory-Motor Assessment of the Cervical spine Fiona Lamberti - Spinal Assesment

Fiona Lamberti demonstrates the Sensory-Motor Assessment of the Cervical spine, live on a patient.  She will help you to understand the methods she uses to identify the type of headache a patient is presenting with and how to differentiate between the different types of headaches.  This course is complimented by the “Headaches and dizziness: Is […]

Headaches and dizziness, is it the neck?

Headaches and dizziness, is it the neck? Headaches with Fiona Lamberti

In this lecture Fiona Lamberti discusses the different types of headaches that therapists should be aware of and how dizziness can be used as a differentiating factor.  This theory based course provides the information necessary to perform a comprehensive headache assessment and is complimented by the ”A Sensory-motor assessment of the Cervical Spine” course.  Cost: R300 […]

Clinical Assessment Demonstration

Clinical Assessment Demonstration LectureWorx

Learn from Tanya Bell-Jenje, renowned Physiotherapist, to perform a lower quarter assessment.  She does both the subjective and objective assessment and performs several specific tests to identify the patient’s problem and possible treatment strategies that would be effective.  After completing this course you will have an improved understanding of how to perform a thorough lower quarter assessment. 

The Roman Method for Physiotherapists

The Roman Method for Physiotherapists RPX Courses

Roman Method (Online + Practical) The Roman Method is designed to introduce Physiotherapists, Exercise Physiologists and movement specialists to the Real Performance Exercise (Roman) Method as a tool for teaching all forms of exercises. The Roman method is a holistic approach that integrates the understanding of neuroplasticity and the principles of Positive Psychology to create […]